Ep 8: Embracing New Technologies & Processes with Don Anders

Ep 8: Embracing New Technologies & Processes with Don Anders

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  • 0:45 – Joined today by Don Anders
  • 2:34 – When he first started marketing on Facebook
  • 4:20 – Shift from direct mail to digital
  • 6:39 – How you should think about list-building and your database
  • 14:50 – Lead management
  • 15:28 – Coffee Drops
  • 19:12 – Consistency is key
  • 23:38 – Digital marketing companies
  • 27:04 – Don’s story of how he transitioned his business to virtual
  • 34:07 – Use this time to be introspective about your business
  • [39:56] – How to learn more about what Don does

It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of marketing on social media seemed like a foreign idea for many advisors. Now, as our guest today explains, it’s the standard for advisors.

Don Anders was an early adopter of Facebook marketing and quickly found it to be effective and much more affordable. When he found that there weren’t any digital marketing companies that understood the financial advisor space, he decided to create Advisor’s Platform. We asked him to join the show to share his expertise in this area and help us understand why all advisors need to be embracing these new technologies.

To put it directly, Facebook ads are the new mailer. It’s no longer an idea to experiment with. It’s now the standard for the industry. The ability to connect with prospects and clients where they spend a lot of time allows your business to be in front of people on a consistent basis, and that’s critical.

Don makes a great point that we have to be convenient to the people we want to bring on for business. You do that by consistently marketing because you never know which time it will connect and they’ll contact you. A lot of people that make it through that sales funnel do so over a longer time-frame and we’ve seen a lot of examples of that.

Plus, digital is a lot cheaper and many people don’t realize that. Don dropped his marketing costs by close to 75% when he cut out things he didn’t need and became more efficient. Facebook isn’t a fad.

Along with the technology side to this discussion, we’ll go through the processes he recommends for list-building and managing your database. We spend so much time trying to get people into the funnel but we should shift some of that focus to marketing to the people already in our database.

He does that in different ways but has found over the past few years that webinars have been the best generator for new leads. That’s a delivery method that’s become much more saturated during the pandemic but still effective.

And the final part of this discuss is making sure to emphasize the importance of evaluating your business and making changes that are needed. Some of those might be things you’ve put off for a while, but now it’s time to take action.

What we recommend is to take time to figure out what you want to experience on a daily basis. If not, your clients will dictate your life. Don even shares his reasons for not letting anyone else set a calendar appointment for him and how he manages some of the most important tasks virtual for more efficiency and flexibility.


They overcomplicate marketing for what it is. Marketing is simply trading money for people’s attention. That’s all it is.

-Don Anders, Advisor’s Platform


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