Ep 4: Get Results Using the 3 Ms of Marketing

Developing a plan for driving new clients to the business can be a challenging and frustrating process but it doesn’t have to be. Marketing can be separated out into three pieces – the 3 M’s – and when those are all working together, results will follow. Today we’ll explore this strategy and share examples of how Scott applies this to the business.

You can listen to the full show in the audio player above and use these timestamps to skip around in the episode to the topic you want to hear.

  • [1:21] – Today we’re talking about the three M’s in the results triangle.
  • [3:02] – Explaining the three M’s are: message, market and media.
  • [4:51] – You need all three of these to be in place simultaneously.
  • [5:45] – Scott shares an example of how he’s applying this for upcoming classes.
  • [12:10] – Why podcasts are such a strong medium right now.
  • [14:39] – Messaging changes from market to media
  • [14:43] – More examples of how all three legs of the stool need to be in place to be effective?
  • [17:45] – Which part of the triangle do advisors struggle with the most?
  • [19:56] – Scott shares another example of how this works with Social Security.

For a lot of people, marketing can be one of the more challenging aspects of being an advisor. Trying to determine where to find your clients, how to grab their attention, and what message you should send them isn’t easy. If it was, we’d probably be sitting on a beach somewhere.

But there is a proven formula that we use here to drive marketing results and it’s simple to remember. It’s something we’ve learned from Dan Kennedy and utilize for our business. There are three M’s that need to be a part of every plan you put in place and each of these need to be working together simultaneously.

On this episode of the Emerging Advisor podcast, we’ll be talking about this results triangle and the three elements involved: media, message, and market. Let’s talk about each of these in detail and explain how to use them. Scott will do that by sharing some real-life examples of how he applies the three M’s to our business.

And we’ll also discuss the challenges with getting all three M’s to work together simultaneously because the stool can’t stand if one of the legs isn’t in place.

So let’s get started. You can listen to the full show in the audio player above and use these timestamps to skip around in the episode to the topic you want to hear.

You need all three of these things in place simultaneously. There’s no sequential order because there can’t be. One is no more important than the other. One does not necessarily proceed the other. But you need all three in place simultaneously.

-Emerging Advisors

Emerging Advisor

Emerging Advisor

Sharing proven strategies for financial advisors to maximize time, profit & freedom. The co-founders of Emerging Advisor, a practice management & marketing company, Scott Dougan and Sean Lee teach others about how to improve their financial advising practice one step at a time.
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